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"5 STARS! The comedy is creative and crude, quick and quirky, the performers commit completely to the games and create funny and fantastic characters at a moment's notice."

- Remotegoat

"There?s a wonderful slapstick nature to it all but they are all impressively literate in film culture and genres too, creating brilliant, quick draw pastiches of popular cinema that will have you in stitches."

- Manchester's Finest

"Brilliant Improv group The Discount Comedy Checkout, who led by the audience, took us on a train journey through different film genres with some hilarious results."

  - Lytham Life and Style

"This was incredibly powerful to see and was a massive crowd pleaser. This was a fantastic set from a group who work extraordinarily well together" 

- Notts comedy review

"Any suggestions were taken. We were warned.... The group have the confidence and talent to run with any suggestion and create something proper funny. Definitely what is needed on a Saturday night out." 

- The Culture Vulture​

"The troupe are hugely talented. I urge you to book your tickets now."

- Only Joyce Blog



"Anyone who doesn't think improv works at stand-up gigs needs to look at them - the first time I worked with them I was extremely gratified I didn't have to follow them as they blew the roof off. I've had the pleasure of being on the same bill three times since and though the material obviously differs every time the quality is consistent."

- Toby Hadoke.


"I've booked discount comedy checkout a couple of times and simply wouldn't hesitate to do it again. They are true masters at what they do, they use their time on stage effectively not wasting a minute, efficiently making the audience laugh from beginning to end. Thoroughly enjoyable and a must see live."

- Jed Salisbury - Hull Comedy Director.

"They're different every show and something different on a comedy club bill, but I'd heartily recommend the Discount Comedy Checkout ."

- Silky.

"Comedy checkout are simply the best improv group I've ever seen live. Every time I've gigged with them they rip the room apart. No show is ever the same but is consistently funny. Genuine improvisation by genuinely funny people. Perfect for any comedy club bill or corporates, BOOK THEM!" 

- Phil Walker.

"The Discount Comedy Checkout is half a dozen strong but I lost count of the characters they came up with because I was too busy laughing." 

-Rich Milner, Square Hole Comedy.

"Total fun and instantly engaging."


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